Welcome to Môrester Child And Youth Care Centre!

Môrester Child and Youth Care Centre in Rustenburg was established in 2008 after its founder, Helen Lotz saw a need for a place of safety for unwanted children. She committed herself to making a difference by finding loving homes for orphaned children, ensuring that these children receive the love and care they need to reach their potential.

Currently Môrester CYCC is accommodating a total of 79 children that range from new born to 18 years of age.


Môrester Child And Youth Care Centre is a non-profit organisation NPO 107-043 and a temporary place of safety. We provide a safe and loving environment to children who suffered abuse, neglect and abandonment.

Supporting this objective the organisation will Provide:

  • The Organisation Support to adoptive parents.
  • Provide educational opportunities to children and youths.
  • Provide training for care givers in caring of these children and youths.
  • Support other similar organisations in meeting their key objectives.

Môrester Child And Youth Care Centre care for children and youths who have been placed with the Centre through a court order or in specific circumstances through other means. These children or youths were removed from their parents, or have been abandoned or abused and the children or youths range in age from new-born to 18 years old. The children or youths are being cared for until they can be adopted or placed with foster parents, or until the legal residence period has been expired for such children or youths placed in the care of the facility.

Our Mission

Môrester Child And Youth Care Centre has a mission to be of service to these children or youths and with the help and encouragement from the community, these children or youth will become well adapted and happy members of the community.





Helen Lotz
082 460 8418



Kobus Engelbrecht
062 339 7881


Social Worker:

Marlinet Bekker
082 659 2252



Eddie Christian
082 634 6448


Registered Counsellor:

Rozanne van Ryneveld
083 401 4790